From Home Funeral to Funeral Home

On View Now
Entrance to Bank of America Gallery
Union Station Kansas City
30 W Pershing Rd, Kansas City, MO 64108
Free Admission

From Home Funeral to Funeral Home is a Kansas City Museum exhibition that explores the change from 19th century rituals about death and funerals to the 20th century rise in the funeral home profession. This small exhibition focuses on 19th century practices of preparing the dead, how everything changed when embalming became an accepted practice, and the often rigid rules of mourning and how they vary among cultural groups. The exhibition is augmented by objects from the Museum’s extensive historical collections, and all of the items in the exhibition have a Kansas City connection.

Mummies ExhibitFrom Home Funeral to Funeral Home is free and is on view at Union Station near the Bank of America Gallery, which is currently hosting Mummies of the World: The Exhibition. The Kansas City Museum’s exhibition is free; it is not related to the cost of the Mummies exhibition. Visit unionstation.org to purchase tickets to Mummies of the World.

Kansas City Museum Bundle Mummies on Display
The Kansas City Museum has been given a unique opportunity to bring back on display two of the first objects it ever accepted into the collections. In 1939, an early supporter of the Museum’s (and one of its first board members) R. Bryson Jones donated to the Museum two bundle mummies that he had purchased in La Paz, Bolivia in the 1920s. They were put on display when the Museum opened in May, 1940 and interpreted as being from the Incan culture, over 2000 years old. But they have not been on display since the 1960s. With the arrival of Exhibition International’s Mummies of the World: The Exhibition, the Museum has a chance to bring these two items back on display and be part of this larger exhibition while in Kansas City.

CT Scan Update and Video on Bundle Mummies