Kansas City Museum Site Plan

The Kansas City Museum is to undergo an extensive historic restoration and renovation of the entire property. The goal is to transform the private residence and estate into a fully functioning and sustainable history museum facility and environment, complete with space for exhibitions, collections, programs, amenities, and back-of-house museum functions.


Stage I Construction is the first of five stages of construction, and it is scheduled to begin in 2017. Each stage of construction will incrementally increase and improve exhibitions, collections, and program spaces as well as amenities, and each stage will open to the public a new face of the Museum upon its completion

PrintDuring Stage I of construction (2017-2019) the museum will be closed to the public, however, the Museum will continue with events such as The Derby Party, #DerbyKC, hosted by the Kansas City Museum Foundation to benefit the Kansas City Museum.

Stage I Construction includes the restoration and renovation of the lower level, first floor, second floor, and third floor of Corinthian Hall (the mansion) to be completed and open to the public in 2019.

  • The lower level of Corinthian Hall will include a historically restored billiards room, a new interpretation of the museum’s former, beloved “soda fountain,” public restrooms, kitchen facilities, and spaces for administrative functions.
  • The first floor of Corinthian Hall will include historically restored, recreated, and rehabilitated rooms that will be used for programs, events, interpretive history exhibits, and thematic art installations. The first floor will also have a museum store, museum café, and demonstration kitchen.
  • The second floor of Corinthian Hall will include renovated exhibition galleries that showcase historical materials from the Museum’s permanent collection, and a meeting room/education space for community use and Parks Board meetings.
  • The third floor of Corinthian Hall will include renovated exhibition galleries, a theater, and an interactive space for recording and sharing stories.


2016_1129 Boards_2ndand3rd

Stage II Construction includes the restoration and renovation of the Carriage House to be completed and open to the public by 2021.

Stage III Construction includes the restoration and renovation of the other existing, original buildings (Conservatory, ate House, and Gardener’s Tool Shed), perimeter fence and gates, and the grounds to be completed and open to the public by 2022.

Stage IV Construction includes an expansion with a new building on the property to be completed and open to the public by 2025.


The Parks Department issued an Invitation to Bid on October 3, 2016 for Construction Manager at Risk Services for Stage I Construction of the Kansas City Museum’s historic restoration and renovation project. The Parks Department received sealed bids for Construction Manager at Risk Services that included the following sections.

1. Technical Approach:

1.1. Part I – Prior Experience

1.2. Part II – Organization & Key Personnel

1.3. Part III – Project Understanding & Approach

1.4. Part IV – Project Controls Plan

1.5. Part V – Contract Compliance & Safety

1.6. Part VI – Public Involvement & Communications

2. Price Submittals: Pre-Construction Services Fee; Construction Management Fee; Change Order Fee

JE Dunn Logo_PMS 288The City then interviewed two contractor teams. The apparent lowest and best bid from the two-stage selection process was from J.E. Dunn Construction Co. JE Dunn’s contract will be awarded in a series of phases to include Pre-Construction Services and Construction Services. They began working on the Museum project on pre-construction services work in January 2017, and their work will extend through December 2019.

Blaesing Jeff“Our JE Dunn team could not be more excited to be part of the re-creation of Corinthian Hall and the transformation of this Kansas City landmark. Our working meetings with The City of Kansas City, Missouri, the Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation Department, International Architects Atelier, and the Kansas City Museum staff have been incredible to date, and we can’t wait to finalize design and get to work.”

– Jeff Blaesing, Project Executive

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