Visitor Experience Plan
Gallagher & Associates, an internationally recognized museum planning and design firm, has been hired by IAA to create a visitor experience plan, which will expand upon the 2010 interpretive plan, bringing it into alignment with the current architectural design plan, and preparing a solid foundation for future design and development of exhibitions and programs. The Visitor Experience Plan will be completed in April 2017.

Through a multidisciplinary and multicultural approach—infused with the values of the R.A. Long family (bold entrepreneurship, civic engagement, humanitarianism, conservation, etc.)—the Kansas City Museum aims to become an innovative hub for learning about the City’s history and cultural heritage. The Museum will create a dynamic, inclusive educational and civic environment where diverse individuals and communities come together to understand and appreciate history. Programs, events, and exhibitions will share stories of Kansas City—its founding and development, individuals and families, neighborhoods and businesses, organizations and international relations, traditions and legacies, and much more.

The Kansas City Museum will explore stories of Kansas City’s evolution and spirit, with programmatic and educational offerings that are rich in historical content, while also exploring the present and future by being relevant and responsive to contemporary issues and viewpoints. The Museum will embrace arts and culture as an important interpretive tool for learning about history and welcome community participation in program development. Academic research will be a high priority with quality access to collections, museum staff, historians, and other scholars. Overall, the Kansas City Museum will be a place where visitors are inspired to connect, collaborate, and engage in thoughtful citizenship that will bolster Kansas City’s transformation and growth.

The Visitor Experience Plan outlines six core interpretive and thematic stories that will be explored throughout Corinthian Hall (the mansion) in exhibitions, programs, events, and amenities. More information on the Visitor Experience Plan will be available in April.



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